Finally it’s here! I was planning to upload my bracket yesterday, but I have to wait until all selections have been picked. Hampton verses Manhattan and BYU (Brigham Young) verses Ole Miss still are competing for spots in the tournament. Once they play the party will officially start tomorrow. I’m so excited!

As for my picks. They’re going to be a surprise. It literally took me hours last night just to do the bracket. The bracket this year is tough, so many great teams. It was hard for me to choose, but it had to be done. My bracket normally gets busted during the third round, but it can sometimes get busted starting in the first round due to the Cinderella teams. For those who don’t know what a Cinderella team is it’s an underdog team that beats a big, well known team. For example last year when Mercer beat Duke. OMG words cannot explain what went through my head. I was so speechless and shocked.

I thought about it long and hard and I decided that I will share one of my picks from the first round.

On Thursday Villanova and Lafayette will go head to head. I chose Villanova to win this game. Though I’m not a huge fan of Villanova those boys can play some basketball. They have only lost two games this season. If you are interested in this game. It’s on Thursday at 6:50 Eastern Standard Time (5:50-Central, 4:50-Mountain, and 3:50-Pacific) on TBS.

Most of teams will play on Thursday and Friday and whoever wins out of those games will move on. This will be an intense and fun few weeks.

I decided to save Player of The Week for this week because I had a player and then another one recently caught my eye and I’m finding out more about them. I will share this piece of information about them. What I do know is that player plays two sports, which is so impressive and amazing to me.

If you want to do a bracket of your own you have two options. One you can print a blank bracket out and fill it out yourself or you can log onto ESPN and participate in their tournament challenge. I do both. I print my bracket out after I finish it on ESPN. Use whatever way that works for you.

So I leave you for now with the thoughts of basketball and my MCM (well my man crush everyday), DJ Rhetrorik. If you don’t know who he is, check him out on YouTube or his Twitter feed @djrhetroik. I’m not trying to promote him, I’m just sharing that I like his music and him.

Hasta la vista!


One thought on “MARCH MADNESS!!!!!!!!

  1. HI,
    March Madness still confuses me but the post was fun. This blog is very easy to navigate. I really like the fact that those interested can be notified of new comments via email if they choose. The simplicity of your heading is great.


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