Hi my name is Alyx and I am a procrastinator.

Happy Halloween everyone! The one day a year when we can dress up and people won’t look at us like we’re crazy. LOL.

I’m sure your wondering what I procrastinated about well let me tell you. I waited until yesterday aka the day before Halloween to go shopping for a costume. I had this perfect vision of what I wanted to be, but that quickly backfired.

I went to multiple stores and only found two things, a wig and make-up. The last place I went was Spirit Halloween. Spirit is great for Halloween, unless you did what I did and waited until the last minute. Everyone and when I say everyone was in there. I was looking for specific items, but they did not have themL. If their costumes weren’t so expensive and the line wasn’t so long I might have gotten one.

I literally came up with another costume late last night. Some who know me know that I am a fan and have a huge crush on Kris Wu (Galaxy, Wu YiFan). He used to be a part of the group EXO who I am also a fan of and is now a solo artist and actor.

With the wig, make-up, and clothes from my closet I decided to go as Mrs. Kris Wu. I know super original right. I’m incorporating a bit of some galaxy aspects because he does love the galaxy. I sound super weird. LOL.

Some people I know are dressing up as anime characters, Vikings, the Kardashians, and a whole bunch of other things. I am excited to see how it all turns out.

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

Until Next Time!


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