Hi everyone!

The 2015-2016 College Football Bowl Games have come to an end. 😦

This Bowl season wasn’t as entertaining as the ones in the past have been. I found myself a few times getting bored during games. It was probably the match-ups. I will admit that I did not like quite a few of the match-ups. One being the BYU vs. Utah match-up. For those who do not know, these two teams are rivals and do find themselves playing against each other in the regular season. The two haven’t played in a regular season game against each other since the 2013 season, but still I think this game would have been better during the regular season rather than a bowl game.

The Oregon vs. TCU game was one of my favorites. 3 Overtimes and TCU made an amazing comeback. It will definitely go down as one of the best bowl games in history. At least in my book it will. I wasn’t really too impressed with the Ohio State vs. Notre Dame game. I was really excited to watch it, but once I did I just couldn’t focus on it. While I am not a fan of either team, I thought this game would be able to keep my attention.

There was one player who I was glued to during not only the regular season, but during his team’s bowl game. Christian McCaffrey. OMG! He is a running back for Stanford and was nominated for the Heisman Trophy. He didn’t win, but the way he played during the Rose Bowl he should have. He broke and set a new most all-purpose yards per game record. I definitely will be looking at him when the season returns in the fall.

Out of 42 games including the National Championship, I predicted 23 correct. A little over half right.

One of the many games I predicted wrong was the Oklahoma vs. Clemson game. All I have to say regarding this game is congratulations to Clemson. You played great and good luck to you guys in the National Championship. To Oklahoma, keep your head up guys.

I also predicted the other playoff game between Michigan State and Alabama wrong. I did go for the underdog Michigan State. Alabama shut them out 38-0. My mouth was open during the whole game I was hoping Michigan State would at least get a touchdown or some points on the board, but as you can see that didn’t happen. Good luck to Alabama and Michigan State keep your heads up.

Alabama vs. Clemson. That is a tough decision. I am not sure who I should go for. I’m going to take some more time to decide before revealing my pick.

It’s sad that the college football season is ending. I know some of the players we have seen this season are heading to the NFL. I wish them all the best of luck.

Which teams did you all enjoy watching this season? Who are you going for Alabama or Clemson?


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