Hi everyone!

Bryan Bennett, you may or may not know the name. If you aren’t familiar with him let me tell you who he is and why this post is about him.

Bryan Bennett is a quarterback. He went undrafted in the 2015 NFL Draft, but was later picked up by the Indianapolis Colts. (Which totally made me happy. Just saying). He started off his college career at the University of Oregon. He was there for two seasons, 2011 and 2012 before he transferred out. He did compete with Marcus Mariota for the starting QB job in his second season. It went back and forth between the two with Marcus ultimately becoming starting QB. He transferred out from Oregon to Southeastern Louisiana University. He was QB 1 both seasons he played there before graduating.

Now that I gave you all a short, quick history of his college career I’m going to get onto why I am writing a post about him.

I am writing this post because I really want to see him back in the NFL. I know I do not have any power or say over who should get signed, who should go where, and why they should get a chance. He is a great QB. He isn’t perfect and he does have a couple things he could work on. A strength of his is his arm. He has a powerful throwing arm. He is not afraid to leave the pocket and run that ball himself. He does have a couple of downfalls like every other player in the league.

I feel like I am ranting so I am going to stop that. LOL.

Bryan if you ever see or read this just know I support you and have your back.

If you are curious more about him, look him up on YouTube. There are videos that showcase his skills. I hope someone picks him up soon and gives him a chance.


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