These past two days of March Madness have rocked my brain and destroyed all three of my brackets. I am still processing what has happened. Luckily Duke is still in it. YAY! I declare March Madness 2016 the year of the Cinderella teams. Why? A lot of the high seed teams are getting beat against lower seeded teams.

I’m pretty sure at least half of my Round of 64 picks are wrong. Maybe more. I took a lot of time on those brackets. No one has a perfect bracket. There was one guy earlier, but his bracket has busted like the rest of ours. Luckily, for me as well as everyone else who filled a bracket out on ESPN we are getting a second chance.

ESPN is letting us fill out a new bracket starting for the Sweet Sixteen. You do not know how excited I am for that. I am not going to post my Round of 32 picks, but once I fill out my new bracket I will post my picks for the Sweet Sixteen round.

Stephen F. Austin, Northern Iowa, and Middle Tennessee are just three of the Cinderella teams who have beat higher seeded teams. Northern Iowa shocked me the most. They played against Texas. I believe the game wrapped up about a half an hour ago. Northern Iowa won when they shot from half-court at the buzzer. It was an amazing shot that won them the game.

Who shocked you all the most? Let me know.

Before I end this post I would like to send my condolences to the family and friends of Tray Walker.Rest In Peace Tray Walker.



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