Hi everyone!

It’s Monday! Well, late Monday night. LOL. Since it is still Monday I decided to dedicate this Man Crush Monday to Bangtan Boys aka BTS.

I absolutely am a huge BTS fan. The conclusion for The Most Beautiful Moment in Life will be released on May 2nd. I am so excited because the “Prologue”, “I Need U”, and “Run” video has confused me and I have so many questions.

Jin is my ultimate bias in BTS. I will admit that Kim Taehyung (V) is a bias wrecker. Every time I watch something of BTS I try so hard to focus on Jin, but then here comes V. All I have to say to him is stay in your lane don’t come over here and ruin my bias. LOL.

Anyway, I put links to my two of my favorite BTS songs. I do not own the videos. All credit goes to BTS and BIGHIT Entertainment.

If you are a part of the BTS A.R.M.Y let me know! Who is your bias?


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