Hi everyone!

I declared yesterday Bangtan Day. Well, consider today Bangtan Day Two. I am not even kidding. Apparently while I was in class this morning BTS dropped the video for “Forever Young”.

I honestly did not see this coming. If they did announce it, I must have been hiding under a rock at that time. It was released 5 hours ago, but I feel like I’m tardy to the party. I have watched this video about three times already. It is a beautiful song and video.

I just have one thing to say, I am so confused. It has scenes from the past videos which did not help. There are so many theories out there. I have heard that Jin is dead while the others are alive. I have also heard that everyone, but Jin is dead. After “I Need U” I was convinced all of them were dead, but then “Run” came out and I started thinking again. Maybe everyone but Jin is dead. Maybe this last video is them breaking free from all their demons. I’m not sure.

I do plan to go back and watch all the videos. I believe the order is “Prologue”, “I Need U”, “Run” and then “Epilogue: Young Forever”. That is the order I plan to watch them in. I’m going to link Young Forever down below if you want to watch it. I do not own the video. All credit goes to BTS, BigHit Entertainment, and 1TheK.

Let me know what you think.

Until Next Time!


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