“My name is T to the A to the E (to the) Y to the A-N-G…”

– Taeyang “Ringa Linga”

Happy Taeyang Day everyone! May 18th marks the 28th birthday of BIGBANG member and solo artist Taeyang. For the past few hours and probably for the next couple of days I’ll be blasting my favorite Taeyang songs. I find his voice and songs amazing. I find myself listening to him on a daily basis. Ringa Linga is my favorite song of his.

G-Dragon is my ultimate bias, but Taeyang is not that far behind him. I hope you have an amazing birthday Taeyang. In honor of his birthday, here is a few of my favorite songs. A couple are his solo works and one is from BIGBANG (I’ll do a whole separate post on them later). Either way, he’s in it. LOL.

If you’re a Taeyang fan let me know. What is your favorite song by him or with him?

I do not own any of the videos. Credit goes to the rightful owners: Taeyang, BIGBANG, YG Entertainment, and YouTube.


Until Next Time!



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