Hey everyone!

I apologize for being absent from the blog for a few days. It’s been a wild few days. It was basically life throwing a curveball that I am still trying to work through. So let’s get down to business.

On Father’s Day, Game 7 of the NBA Finals was played. This game was probably one of the most watched games in NBA history. I’ll be honest, I was mad that Golden State did not win, but I’m not surprised.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won Game 7 on Sunday after coming back from a 3-1 game deficit. That was the first time in NBA Finals history a team has ever done that. Not only did they break this record, it was the first championship ever for the team. It was also the first Championship for any Cleveland team since 1964.

It was a good game; I will admit that. While I did want Golden State to win, they unfortunately did not. I do extend my congratulations to the Cavs and their fans. I also can’t help, but wonder what next year’s NBA Finals will be like. I can’t help, but wonder will we have a third match-up between Cleveland and Golden State. I actually would love to see that, but it’s too early to tell. At the same time, I would probably get tired of seeing the two in the Finals and want someone else. LOL.

The Cavs held their celebration parade on Wednesday, I heard that at least one million people were present. Wow. I haven’t heard a crowd that large for a celebration since the Broncos won the Super Bowl in February. I’m glad that the fans did get a chance to see the trophy and celebrate with the fans.

If you watched the Finals, tell me what you think. Did you want Golden State or Cleveland to win? If neither, who is your team. Let me know!

Until Next Time!


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