Hey, everyone!

I know I have not been updated since June. Wow! This year is just flying by in the blink of an eye. I didn’t update at all in July because I was spending some quality time with my family before I go back to college. It was going well, but unfortunately, some bad things happened and I along with everyone else needed to take a step back and figure some things out.

A lot of things happened in July like Portugal winning Euro 2016. Looking back at my last post I did predict the outcome wrong. While I did get it wrong I enjoyed just predicting who I believed was going to win.

Now that it is August, more events in sports are happening. The 2016 Olympics in Rio started last night (August 5th). August is also the time when we prepare for college and professional seasons. I recently purchased a copy of the “College Football 2016” edition of ESPN magazine. The quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners, Baker Mayfield, is on the cover. Over the next couple of days, I plan to go through this magazine and once I do I’ll most likely write about it on here.

Aside from football, I do absolutely plan to talk about the Olympics. GO TEAM USA! I also can’t help but cheer for Brazil as well (GO NEYMAR! LOL). I will be watching as many events as I possibly can when I have time. I know I will definitely watch the gymnastics portion.

I will try my hardest to not be away this long again. I can’t make promises, but I will try.

If you are watching the Olympics let me know! What sports are you going to watch?

Until Next Time!



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