We are a little over an hour away from the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship. On Saturday, the Final Four: Gonzaga, South Carolina, North Carolina and Oregon played.

In the end, Gonzaga and North Carolina won and advanced to the Championship. Let me just say that the North Carolina vs. Oregon game basically sent me into a frenzy. It was so close. SO, CLOSE. 1 POINT. Just 1 point separated the final score.

I thought for a second Oregon was going to come back and win it at the buzzer but they didn’t. Oregon did play a great game and hopefully they’ll be in the tournament next year.

On Saturday, I revealed the Final Four I picked on my bracket. Unfortunately, Gonzaga was the only team I got correct. Yay me!!  

Now I am going to reveal the team I picked to win the National Championship. It might be surprising.

Final Pick

Yes, I did choose UCLA. At the time, I was so confident that they were going to be in the Final Four and win it all. Well, they didn’t.

I always have next year to get the bracket right. LOL.

Back to tonight’s game. We are in the final countdown.

The game will be on CBS starting at 8:20 p.m Central Standard Time.

After thinking about it for a while and seeing both teams play on Saturday I will pick Gonzaga to win.

Hopefully I won’t have a heart attack in the last couple minutes of this game.

Who do you guys have to win? Gonzaga or North Carolina? Let me know.



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