About Alyx Nychole

Welcome to Alyx Nychole!

The mission of Alyx Nychole is to entertain, educate, and inform young women (and guys) in the world of sports and fashion. I will provide content about sports, specifically football (both college and professional), hockey, and a couple others.

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “About Alyx Nychole

  1. Alyx,

    Your blog is very intriguing! The pairing of the two topics is innovative and I love that it is surprising. I have seen so many fashion blogs and over time they all blend together. The Sports in addition to Fashion will really set you apart! I am excited to read your future posts!


  2. What I like about your blog is that it was meant for people like me! I have no idea about sports, don’t really care to (can I say that?), yet it is something that comes up often in conversation therefore it is important to know the highlights. I like the fashion part but I think your idea of comprehensive sports for females like me is enough of a great angle!

    Awesome! I will have to follow. Great work.


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